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Media consultant and talk radio guru Holland Cooke on the radio biz with a concentration on the current situation with talk radio, that poet laureate thing in NC gets national press, a Delta pilot loses his cool,  the Queen of Soul just wants a burger for the love of God!, and when will NC look into legalizing pot.

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SATAN checks in to let us know what he's been up to, The Ohio State University marching band is a disgusting group of perverts, the f---g red light cameras are back in the news in NC, PENISES IN THE NEWS, Brad talks to old pal author Bill Morris and Bill reminds Brad of another piece of his career that he's forgotten, Can television make you feel guilty?

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Dubya visits the boys, a story to restore your faith in humanity and then a story to destroy your faith in humanity, it's time to get medieval with the death penalty and that could create some marketing opportunities for Brad and Britt, Sarah Palin visits, the Casey Kasem story continues to get sadder and sadder, Frank Caliendo is AMAZING, and Brad and Britt try to help WBT out with a programming suggestion.

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Jon Stewart vs. Mark Levin, a visit from Putin, Tony Dungy (ahem!) clarifies his remarks on Michael Sam, the recruitment of North Carolina teachers rocks on, the makings of a POTENTIALLY hilarious movie based on the infamous Loomis Fargo Heist in Charlotte, and a woman getting fired by Mickey D's gets Britt to pondering whether Gen X parents are the worst child rearers of all-time.

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Tom Leykis lays out the truth about radio and B and B concur, TWO for Tuesday with matching stories ALL podcast long, Bill Clinton has a gf (REALLY!), Ben Stein has a thing for pregnant Asian chicks, the guy who beat the crap out of the man molesting his son is our hero, gun nutz line up for AK-47s, a guy shoots his buddy in an attempt to become famous on You Tube, and the 4 day work week is probably unworkable

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Scariest state in America with an appearance by Lil' Rush, Did the WWE go too far (again)?, the strip club king of Charlotte gets an amazing profile from The Charlotte Observer, The Moon Landing remembered, James Garner was a cool dude who happened to be a liberal, and transparency in college athletics (HA!)

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