Brad and Britt Cast

Lil' Rush has a LOT to say about Obama's reaction to Ebola and upcoming elections, Brad encounters something disturbing at Wal-Mart, Britt avoids being ripped off, A TRAFFIC REPORT FROM A HELICOPTER, B and B bash a Democrat (!)

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Floyd Mayweather is good at gambling (as far as you know), the media continues THE GREAT EBOLA SCARE, Mike Brown is STILL doing a HECKUVA JOB, Hagan-Tillis debate is stupid, what's going on with Thom Tillis' forehead, Strom on Aunt Jemima and gay marriage in SC, weird tourist attractions in the south

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Lil' Rush on gay marriage coming to NC plus LR has a SECRET plan to give the NC Senate seat back to Republicans, Brad is fired up about the new NBA television rights deal, good news for the Krantz family, distracted driving is a big problem

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Jesse Helms from beyond-the-grave on the future of gay marriage in NC and the upcoming Hagan-Tillis debate, SCOTUS puts NC on the path to marriage equality, Steve Smith, SENIOR narrowly avoided a tragedy, the death of PIG VOMIT brings up some bad memories for B and B, a new Panthers song from a new fan

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SATAN on his latest plans and an NFL surprise, Jerry Jones and the EBOLA threat, John Wayne's posterity are a bunch of lazy jerks, some guy is pushing a huge testicle across America, some guy got a tattoo on his ding dong, NFL blackouts rules are gone, Panthers plan a big halftime show

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Lil' Rush says that Obama has declared a WAR ON WOMEN, Steve Smith blasts the Panthers management and it reminds B and B of...SOMETHING, kid in Louisiana has a 3-way with his teachers and may be scarred for life (?), EBOLA is back and claims he is bigger and badder than EVER, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory says NO to guns at the state fair, SCOTUS will hear a case about Abercrombie and Fitch, NC's new voting laws run afoul of federal judges

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EBOLA is back and B and B are talking to him, flopping at Florida State University, brain injuries in the NFL, guns at the North Carolina State Fair, unfriending annoying jerks on Facebook, some NC politics with Thom Tillis and his new "path to victory"

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Lil' Rush thinks he knows that the problem with the Secret Service is, Britt thinks the Raiders (his BELOVED Raiders) could go 0-16, NC is 51st IN THE NATION for teachers (Mississippi is kicking our ass), B and B interview KIM JONG UN (they found him), George Zimmerman and his family are just the BEST!

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The "return" of Andy Kaufman brings up some bad memories for Brad and launches a round of epic radio firing stories (Britt's is one of the best EVER), violence at Costco leads to a lawsuit, legendary newsman DAN RATHER makes his first appearance on the B and B podcast, Brad feels Britt has been too hard on Apple 

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SATAN on why he does not mess with the New York Yankees, some good NC political news on voting and Hispanic Heritage Month, Bill Simmons challenges THE MAN (and loses), B and B both liked "How to Get Away with Murder", Derek Jeter WOULD YOU PLEASE GO AWAY!?

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Lil' Rush with an epic segment on the bending of the iPhones, the NFL, and tipping, B and B discuss the trouble in Massachusetts, college kids won't go to football games, Brad hates on Mayberry Days, what brands are most Googled in each state? (seems fake...IS fake)

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Former SNLer Rob Schneider is a vaccine truther, the actual TARHEEL DENTIST gets a frightening phone call from scammers, a chat with the $25 BILLION DOLLAR MAN who founded Alibaba, dealing with roads and road maintenance in NC and SC, Domestic violence in the news (with women's soccer?), Sarah Silverman is REALLY defensive about her hatred of marriage, it's STEVE SMITH, SR. week for the Carolina Panthers, the security problems at the White House

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Lil' Rush on the Climate Change march and the NFL's problems, tip your maid (and everyone else), Sarah Palin on the RUMBLE IN THE TUNDRA, customer service calls and a call to the ISIS customer service line, playing the "gotcha game" with politicians leads nowhere, and an Alaska TV journalist quits in SPECTACULAR fashion

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SATAN on iPhone 6 and the NFL, Pro-fracking group buses in homeless people to public forum, Lil' Rush on "no means yes" and his relationship with his parents, some ppl want their state to secede from the union, Ray Rice jersey trade-ins, Brad hates the ppl standing in line for the iPhone 6

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SATAN on ISIS and Apple, more on the Ray Rice situation, WHO WON THE MARCONI AWARD? (B and B tell another behind-the-scenes story from the radio days), LeSean McCoy and the tip from hell, James Brown (NFL on CBS) draws the ire of Lil' Rush

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We start with a discussion on NC politics with Joe Killian (@JoeKillianNR) from the "Greensboro News and Record", Lil' Rush (SURPRISE!) did NOT like Obama's speech about wiping out ISIS/ISIL, What the hell is wrong with Cam Newton?, a New York restaurant gets a disgusting review on Yelp!, and the Carolina Panthers are trying to kill you with the "Hog Molly"

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The great DAVE GRAVELINE from INTO TOMORROW on Apple's new stuff, Lil' Rush says that Roger Goodell's problems are all about the bullseye on white guys in today's America, ISIS has us doing exactly what they want us to do, a new Thom Tillis ad, Brad tries to re-create "The China Syndrome" in North Carolina, Chris Matthews is a dolt.

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More on the Ray Rice situation (Goodell must GO!), more racism in management for the Atlanta Hawks, a teacher in Wake County, NC schools compares high school to a concentration camp and B and B interview him, the found of Chick-Fil-A dies 

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British Britt on the new royal baby and other English things, new Ray Rice video emerges, more racism emerges in the NBA, women who decide to have babies really get screwed in the workplace.

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SATAN is having some MAJOR problems, a good discussion on the legacy of Joan Rivers, an NFL team does "the right thing" and Lil' Rush isn't so happy about it, the arms race goes to SCHOOL (!), B and B are not excited about the Panthers' chances this season, President Bush (43) talks about his daughters and the Cowboys' signing of Michael Sam

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Details from Joan Rivers' hospital room, a racist clown (REALLY!), some football picks, a little NC political talk as the first senate debate goes down, Brad wants Matt Lauer's deal, why no one wants to be a policeman, burning the ISIS flag.

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They always die in 3s, Brad and Britt with some more views on solving ISIS problem, food trucks, UNC makes things more complicated than they have to be, putting your nude photos on "the cloud", a brand new reality show to annoy us, so glad to see a member of Congress do well after leaving public service, Rudy Giuliani loves him some golf, sports movies for people who don't like sports.

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Latest on PROBLEMS IN THE SKIES, Michael Sam has nothing to worry about, B and B are SO happy for Eric Cantor, celebrity nudes LEAKED, good and bad pit bull stories, Brad has a solution for combatting terrorists in Syria, Atkins diet is a winner

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B and B on your TV, the week that was SATAN, Lil' Rush has some things to say about Obama (surprise), NFL commish says "mea culpa" on Ray Rice, the price of gasoline, Cliven Bundy saga continues (sort of), Tony Stewart gets back in the car, hotels try to slip in extra fees.

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The freak show that is the McDonnells of Virginia, Lil' Rush on the further pussification of America, Mark David Chapman can just GO TO HELL, The NRA ROCKS in response to a 0-year-old killing her instructor with an Uzi, dog meat in South Korea, starting school later, the UNC football program does it AGAIN, an app that helps you vote with your wallet.

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Douglas MacArthur McCain (WHY?), T-W Cable outage frustrates America, more on the "Knee Defender", 9-year-old girls should NOT be firing Uzis, ESPN steps into it with the Michael Sam situation, Jew joke gets announcer suspended, drone lurks over Panthers practice.

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Lil' Rush has some good things to say about B and B for a change and their take on the Emmys and the Sofia Vergara OUTRAGE, Raleigh struggles with progress when it comes to preserving it's identity, TROUBLE IN THE SKIES, Britt annoys Brad with some college rankings, the NFL continues to pretend that fantasy football is NOT gambling, Michael Sam plays it cool with a twitter troll.

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Brad calls BS on Miley and the VMAs, Strom has some STRONG feelings about the VMAs, a discussion of Ferguson and a police incident at a Wal-Mart in Greenville, SC, Lil' Rush weighs in on what "real Americans" support, 'Lil Rush also has some thoughts on the NoCal earthquake, the boys aren't very confident about the Panthers prospects going into the season.

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SATAN has all the latest on his busy week, more bad news for the Ice Bucket Challenge, changing your name for political purposes, Brian Clarey from "Triad City Beat" with some NC politics and the death of a drug dealer.

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Lil' Rush with some more wisdom on the Ferguson situation, Wal-Mart PROMISES they'll do better for the holidays, ShutVision brings you closer to the football action, kid in SC gets in hot water for threatening to shoot a dinosaur, Charlotte looks at different ways to charge for trash, a return visit from the EBOLA virus, Pete Rose: perpetual victim, Putin goes after Mickey D's, killing the Ice Bucket Challenge.

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Johnny Football, pay-to-play for Super Bowl halftime, another Obama social media rumor laid to rest, Chris Christie blows his stack (again), Brad struggles with his Ohio State fandom, a SC woman kicks her kid out of the car, Rick Perry is a dick (but that doesn't mean he's guilty), the REAL deal on the Ice Bucket Challenge, boobs in Asheville.

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Lil' Rush enlightens us on the Ice Bucket Challenge, as well as Ferguson and Johnny Football, NYC tries to update voting for the digital age, sword-wielding naked guy in Jacksonville, Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) and former Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA), the Ferguson situation is complex.

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Ferguson continues to burn, David Gregory gets shown the door, a little more on Robin Williams, the ice bucket challenge revisited, a brand new racing experience for NASCAR fans to enjoy, military folks who need federal and state assistance for food, why is Charlotte afraid of the word "GAY", what the hell is wrong with Dartmouth, Brad does love him some Chris Christie, Gene Simmons gives a half-assed apology.

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SATAN talks about his busy week and Lil' Rush challenges him on some points, Brad tussles again with BoA, some NC politics featuring Gov. McCrory being a jerk (again), Sea World solves the killer whale problem, B and B have had ENOUGH of the ice bucket challenge, Gene Simmons vs. Nikki Sixx, crazy guy in Texas, and fake pot causes a state of emergency in New Hampshire.

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Brad faces a dilemma at Wal-Mart, the Wayne/Lee/Ray conundrum, the riots in MO, rock-ribbed conservative Britt gets quizzed by Brad, a British man suffers a very unfortunate injury, a NY politician pulls out of a campaign because of infidelity, will the Robin Williams suicide spark a much-needed discussion in America about mental health?

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Lil' Rush on his latest controversy and remarks Big Rush made about Robin Williams, a Robin Williams story from Greensboro, NC and social media trolls really suck, Dr. Keith Ablow says that FLOTUS needs to lose a few pound and Strom DISAGREES STRONGLY, Strom also has some words about proposed changes at the University of Mississippi, B and B speak with the leader of a German group responsible for hanging a white flag on the Brooklyn Bridge, Tony Stewart update, and gay marriage is in the news AGAIN!

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Lil' Rush on the MO riots and the death of Robin Williams, B and B food corner looks at steak and rib tips, Aunt Jemima's posterity want to get paid, the latest on the death of Kevin Ward, Jr. and Tony Stewart's future, a swastika on a burger at Mickey D's in Morehead City, and a word on the "ice bucket challenge".

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The death of Kevin Ward, Jr. and Tony Stewart's future (featuring caller Len), Britt has a couple of shootouts, another Wayne/Lee/Ray, Anthony Weiner gets in the food service industry, Britt begs parents NOT to post pics to fb of their kids on the first day of school, a segment entitled "Charlotte, can we talk?", fantasy football discussion, radio fail during the riots in Ferguson, MO, and Rory McIlroy's victory at the PGA championship DOES NOT signify a "new era" in golf, DAMNIT!

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SATAN on his work in Hawaii and the upcoming NFL season, why did we leave weapons in Iraq for terrorists to grab, man solicits canine sex from Craig's List, ESPN comes down hard on Dan Le Batard, more on the restaurant in Winston-Salem that offered a prayer discount, TN politician is pro-life yet he urges mistresses to get abortions, Weird Al at Super Bowl halftime, University of Minnesota takes the whole "anti-Redskins" thing a bit too far.

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Rand Paul is a lying tool, Lil' Rush on post WBT's ratings in the post B and B era and LR tells North Carolinians what a great man Art Pope is, the most corrupt states in the union, grill brushes vs. Ebola, a resolution in the story of the Winston-Salem restaurant that offers a prayer discount, NCAA looks out for the big guy, Gene Simmons says something Brad agrees with, and Pizza Hut sucks.

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Lil' Rush on impeachment talk and more, the latest identity/data theft from Russia, Cliven Bundy update, Britt unveils his killer Mitt Romney imitation, BEST SPORTS SOUNDBITE EVER, NC's favorite marionette is leaving his post as Budget Director for the state, Tiger Woods will never be what he was, and HAIL TO THE REDSKINS?

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Brad gets some good news and becomes a massive sellout, all at once, great e-mail, the Ebola virus comes by for another visit, getting a discount for praying, the UNC scandal has another twist, the top party school list for this year is released, Strom comments on self-loathing white people, first female NBA asst. coach is hired (with an appearance from Lil' Rush), and McDonald's fixes that which does not need fixing.

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Who annoys you more: Kennedys or Kardashians?, Jason Lewis tells us why he left radio, Britt thinks that Tiger Woods' back pain is hilarious, an interview with the Ebola virus, Wal-Mart gets into the medical game, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame makes ash holes of themselves.

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SATAN on ebola and the Dallas Cowboys, Sharknado 2 ROCKS, quitting on the air: how to do it and how to REALLY do it, the Ray Rice situation and how the NFL BLEW IT, and a few minutes with Brian Clarey (@brianclarey) of "Triad City Beat" in Greensboro, NC with some local and North Carolina politics, as well as a discussion about the future of media.

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Dubya talks about Derek Jeter and Boehner suing Obama, more stupid media gaffes, PETA in the news, BIG KNOCKOUT FIGHTING, Sharknado 2: The Second One, Britt remembers a big B and B fan, and Lil' Rush weighs in on putting women on money, some marriage advice, and the reason Obama likes golf.

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SATAN tells Brad and Britt how he's taking revenge on the city of Charlotte PLUS he revels the ONE musician he's worked with over the years, Wade Keller (@thewadekeller) of Pro Wrestling Torch ( has all the info on the Jesse Ventura trial, WTF is "the fire challenge"?, that guy lied about having his junk truncated by a surgeon, Dabo Swinney tries to kiss and make up with Steve Spurrier, THANK YOU ORLANDO BLOOM, and Republicans blame Dems for impeachment talk (?)

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Lil' Rush says that Obama has ruined football and STRIP CLUBS, a discussion with Larry Gifford ("Radio Stuff Podcast") on talk radio and recent sports radio headlines from Boston, another kid gets left to cook in a car, North Carolina's AG says he can't find any more ways legally to defend NC's anti gay marriage law, and everybody's going to the fist bump because handshakes are NASTY!

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Media consultant and talk radio guru Holland Cooke on the radio biz with a concentration on the current situation with talk radio, that poet laureate thing in NC gets national press, a Delta pilot loses his cool,  the Queen of Soul just wants a burger for the love of God!, and when will NC look into legalizing pot.

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SATAN checks in to let us know what he's been up to, The Ohio State University marching band is a disgusting group of perverts, the f---g red light cameras are back in the news in NC, PENISES IN THE NEWS, Brad talks to old pal author Bill Morris and Bill reminds Brad of another piece of his career that he's forgotten, Can television make you feel guilty?

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Dubya visits the boys, a story to restore your faith in humanity and then a story to destroy your faith in humanity, it's time to get medieval with the death penalty and that could create some marketing opportunities for Brad and Britt, Sarah Palin visits, the Casey Kasem story continues to get sadder and sadder, Frank Caliendo is AMAZING, and Brad and Britt try to help WBT out with a programming suggestion.

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Jon Stewart vs. Mark Levin, a visit from Putin, Tony Dungy (ahem!) clarifies his remarks on Michael Sam, the recruitment of North Carolina teachers rocks on, the makings of a POTENTIALLY hilarious movie based on the infamous Loomis Fargo Heist in Charlotte, and a woman getting fired by Mickey D's gets Britt to pondering whether Gen X parents are the worst child rearers of all-time.

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Tom Leykis lays out the truth about radio and B and B concur, TWO for Tuesday with matching stories ALL podcast long, Bill Clinton has a gf (REALLY!), Ben Stein has a thing for pregnant Asian chicks, the guy who beat the crap out of the man molesting his son is our hero, gun nutz line up for AK-47s, a guy shoots his buddy in an attempt to become famous on You Tube, and the 4 day work week is probably unworkable

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Scariest state in America with an appearance by Lil' Rush, Did the WWE go too far (again)?, the strip club king of Charlotte gets an amazing profile from The Charlotte Observer, The Moon Landing remembered, James Garner was a cool dude who happened to be a liberal, and transparency in college athletics (HA!)

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