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B and B discuss the Roseanne situation, was it the Ambien? NO, it wasn't, Trump yelled at Jeff Sessions, Where in the world is Melania?


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Get all your holiday shopping done at our Amazon® store: More on Moore: The count is up to 9 (nine) women who accuse Judge Roy Moore of sexual improprieties, GOP looks to get creative with solutions for, Jerry Jones vs. Roger Goodell: The struggle for the heart and soul of the NFL. Follow us on twitter Like us on facebook Donate to us directly via PayPal® or Venmo®

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Category:general -- posted at: 12:00pm EDT gives you German-engineered blades and shave gel for only ten bucks a month. It's the best shave EVER. Use the promo code RELM to get the great deal. FRIDAYS WITH SATAN: Tough week for Beelzebub as he shares his thoughts on beer, the Pope's visit, and what it's like being commissioner of the Southeastern Conference. Follow us on twitter: @BradandBritt facebook:

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Download the Uber app and forget about driving to all your fun Memorial Day Weekend Festivities. Use the promo code 3LI7Z and get $20 off your 1st ride. New users only. Lil' Rush has some thoughts on Letterman finale and Michelle Obama's workout video, B and B discuss Letterman's farewell and Jay Leno's diss, Steph Curry's daughter sparks OUTRAGE. Follow us on twitter: @BradandBritt. Facebook:

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Download the Uber app and use the promo code 3LI7Z to save $20 off your first ride. Lil' Rush has thoughts on Bruce Jenner, the NFL Draft, and the White House Correspondents Dinner. B and B discuss more shenanigans from NC lawmakers, David Letterman's farewell tour has Brad in a reflective mood, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

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December 9, 2014


George W. Bush on the big Torture Report, LeBron James pulls a ROYAL faux pas, Clemson fraternity wishes you a MERRY CRIPMASS (with an appearance by Strom), making a bomb threat, McDonald's has problems, Cam Newton CRASH!

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December 8, 2014


The German Culture Minister joins us to talk about the RAGING popularity of Germany, big football weekend for the Panthers and THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, Brad supports Urban Meyer's fake Christianity, weird bowl game names/sponsors, LIL' RUSH doesn't like the recent NFL protests and he wonders where the gratitude is for WHITE AMERICA, "The Daily Show" will feature an NC restaurant.

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A discussion about the teaching of AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM in NC leads to a discussion about Ferguson, paper money is still very important, Brad has a CYBER MONDAY story, KIM JONG UN joins us to talk about piracy and cyber attacks, LIL' RUSH on ex-wives and ISIS

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Lil' Rush thinks he knows that the problem with the Secret Service is, Britt thinks the Raiders (his BELOVED Raiders) could go 0-16, NC is 51st IN THE NATION for teachers (Mississippi is kicking our ass), B and B interview KIM JONG UN (they found him), George Zimmerman and his family are just the BEST!

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