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Go to and support B and B while ordering stuff you need. Lil' Rush gloats over Trump's Nevada victory. B and B discuss declining sales in breakfast cereals, talcum powder may cause cancer, Starbucks screws up, and Trump insults fat people (constantly).

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Category:Politics -- posted at: 4:17pm EDT is our studio sponsor. Supporting them helps support B and B. Lil' Rush on Gitmo's closing and the Supreme Court, B and B discuss Cam Newton and the New York Yankees giving the back of their hands to middle-class Americans.

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Go to today and make your appointment. Lil' Rush on the Trump vs. Pope kerfuffle, B and B talk Trump vs. Pope.

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Category:Politics -- posted at: 3:14pm EDT is our studio sponsor. Check out their website and make an appointment today. Lil' Rush has issues with a NC Senator and also addresses Scalia's possible murder, B and B on the latest polls about Trump in NC and how pitiful Jeb! is, Trump goes after Megyn Kelly again. facebook/BradandBrittShow

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Make sure you're using our Amazon store for great stuff, great prices, and a great way to support our show. FRIDAYS WITH SATAN: Mr. D had fun at the Super Bowl AND in New Hampshire. Chipotle isn't getting off the mat anytime soon.

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