Brad and Britt Cast is a great way to get the stuff you need AND support B and B. FRIDAYS WITH SATAN: Beelzebub is very happy with his newfound television success, the inside story on Trump's debate boycott.

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For all your Super Bowl and Valentine's Day needs, shop It's the same as Amazon, but they kick back a little to the B and B Show and that's a great way to support us. Lil' Rush on Cam Newton and the Fox vs, Trump War, B and B break down an unintentionally hilarious interview Bill O'Reilly had with Trump.

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Shop at for all your Super Bowl and Valentine's Day needs. Lil' Rush on Trump vs. Megyn Kelly, B and B discuss Trump skipping the GOP debate, top sporting events ever in NC, guy goes to court because he took away his kid's phone.
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Our friends at are the best. If you're in the Greensboro, NC area, check out Dr. Hyman, Dr. Bell, and their awesome team. Lil' Rush starts us with news of stolen cheese and an NBA star's broken hand, B and B discuss Cuban refugees getting into America via Mexico, Trump may not go to Thursday's debate, Jesse Ventura may run for POTUS, Rand Paul should run as a Libertarian.

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Category:Politics -- posted at: 5:38pm EDT for all your shopping needs. Lil' Rush is not a big Cam Newton, Trump says he could shoot a guy and not lose support, Panthers discussion, Bernie Sanders.

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Category:Politics -- posted at: 3:01pm EDT is the place to shop for all the stuff you need AND it supports Brad and Britt. FRIDAYS WITH SATAN: The Devil discusses making the east coast suffer due to the winter storm, how he brought Sarah Palin and Donald Trump together, and his NFL picks. 

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Category:Politics -- posted at: 1:09pm EDT is our studio sponsor and they do amazing work. If you're in the Greensboro, NC area, find out what Dr. Hyman and Dr. Bell can do for your family. Lil' Rush blasts Bernie Sanders new video, Brad tells us about foods that are high in fat AND good for you, Saudi Arabia hates chess for some reason, whiteness in Portland, Trump and Palin. 

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Category:Politics -- posted at: 4:00pm EDT is the place to go when you want to shop Amazon. Same great prices and it helps support Brad and Britt. We talk to Sarah Palin about her endorsement of Donald Trump, then Brad and Britt try to figure out the Palin endorsement, Uncle Brad breaks down the massive dump the financial markets are taking. 

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Category:Politics -- posted at: 3:42pm EDT is the place where you can shop AND help out Brad and Britt. Lil' Rush goes OFF on the Oscar boycott and ESPN's new baseball commentator, Trump news includes forcing Apple to manufacture in America and a discussion of Trump's fans Diamond and Silk. 

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Category:Politics -- posted at: 4:09pm EDT is a great way to shop for the stuff you need AND support B and B. FRIDATS WITH SATAN IS BACK! Beelzebub has some ideas about Powerball, the NFL playoffs, and even "Making a Murderer"

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Category:Politics -- posted at: 1:45pm EDT is a great way to shop Amazon AND support the B and B Show. Lil' Rush on Nikii Haley and the Oscar noms, Cam Newton article is interesting, 3 Supremes sit out the SOTU, idiots flock to 7-11 where Powerball winning ticket was

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Category:Politics -- posted at: 3:22pm EDT is a great way to get the stuff you need AND help support us. Lil' Rush has some observations on the State of the Union speech and Nikki Haley's response, LA gets football and the Raiders are the odd men out, Waffle House madness, working in the food service industry, Iran captures US seamen, Lenny Skutnik is a

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