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Download the Uber app and use the promo code 3LI7Z to get $20 off your 1st ride. Sarah Palin joins us to talk gay marriage and Bristol's (latest) pregnancy, guy doesn't play-by-play on confederate flag parade, the view from Fox, Sean Hannity is a MASSIVE asshole, Jon Stewart lets ppl he trashed trash him back, wearing headphones while you drive, barefoot driving, pot themed radio station

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Download the Uber app and enter the promo code 3LI7Z to save $20 off your first ride. Satan has been in touch with Tom Brady, Pete Rose, and lots of others. Follow us on twitter: @BradandBritt Facebook:

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Our Amazon store is now at Go there and get stuff and support B and B. Lil' Rush is upset at the Supreme Court ruling preserving Obamacare subsidies, a guy in Rocky Mount, NC loves him some rebel flags, discussion on the confederate flag and what's next, Whole Foods screws customers in NYC, what's the future look like for Food Lion?

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Go to and book your appointment with Dr. Hyman or Dr. Bell today! Strom starts off the show by disowning his son, Lil' Rush is really sick of the confederate battle flag issue, some discussion on the confederate battle flag as Britt asks "can opponents of the flag go too far?", Burger King gets caught up in this, Bill O'Reilly is a dick. Follow us on twitter: @BradandBritt Facebook:

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Download the Uber app and use the promo code 3LI7Z to get $20 off your 1st ride. The confederate battle flag in SC, slip of the tongue for Rick Santorum, Strom Thurmond explains some things to us, Pete Rose update, waiters can annoy us, the great $10 bill debate (formerly the $20 bill debate). Follow us on twitter: @BradandBritt Facebook:

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Bookmark and use it whenever you're shopping on Amazon. Doesn't change the price of the goods you're buying and it helps support the show. Lil' Rush has some thoughts on the US Open, the Confederate Flag, and Osama's porn, B and B discuss Father's Day and old jerks who are complaining about Fox's coverage of the US Open, Charlie Sheen is a dick, Brad has to throw down a fb suspension, confederate flag discussion

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Dr. Mark Hyman rocks! Go to and find out why he should be the dentist for YOUR family. Fox News makes sure that the shooting in Charleston is portrayed as an "attack on faith", replacing Hamilton on the ten dollar bill, listener e-mail and a correction on DEFCON, the metric system, Brian Williams finally gets out of limbo at NBC

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Go to and use the promo code BBShow to get 33 percent off your order with FREE shipping around the world. George W. Bush with some insight on Trump's presidential announcement, Brad sends Britt an errant text, getting over the Cavs' loss, Dale Jr. gets engaged, Brad is annoyed by a fake product, more Trump talk

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Download the Uber app and use the promo code 3LI7Z to get $20 off your 1st ride. Lil' Rush is VERY excited about Donald Trump, more on the Trump candidacy, Lindsey Graham's memoir tells an interesting story, that NAACP chick is nutso, checking in on NC laws regarding the ovaries. Follow us on twitter: @BradandBritt Facebook:

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Category:Politics -- posted at: 3:56pm EDT is NC's leader in pet nutrition with FREE delivery to your home in the Triangle or Triad. Use the coupon code BB to save $10 off your 1st order of $25 or more. New customers only. Limit 1 coupon per household. George W. Bush talks about Jeb's presidential bid and Strom talks about the woman who faked her blackness. More on the Spokane NAACP who was (gasp!) white, mailbag, abortion wars in NC, shark attacks on the NC coast, Is Michael Jordan crazy?

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