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Go to and click on the Amazon banner/button. Then shop on Amazon as you would normally. It's a great way to support Brad and Britt. FRIDAYS WITH SATAN: Mr. D talks about the Duggars, reality TV, and FIFA. Follow us on Twitter: @BradandBritt. Facebook:

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Download the Uber app and use the promo code 3LI7Z to get $20 off your 1st ride. Lil' Rush wants to host the republican debates. Clemson coach sidesteps political situation, Rand Paul says GOP created ISIS, why do American kids join ISIS

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Dr. Hyman's "1st round draft pick" Travis Bell joins the team on 6/1. Go to the website and find out why Dr. Hyman had to have him as part of the team. On today's podcast, God chats with B and B about the Duggars, FIFA corruption leads to arrests, Britt doesn't understand how someone could let a wire brush end up in someone's food, brand rehabilitation with the GOP, NASCAR, talk radio, McDonald's, and Lance

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Category:Politics -- posted at: 2:58pm EDT is NC's leader in pet nutrition. Use the coupon code BB at checkout to save $10 off your first order of $25 or more. Letterman shows up at Indy and Brad uncovers a BS internet story about him, Charlotte Motor Speedway has an award for patriotism and you won't believe what it's called, confederate flag desecration event, NC on the verge of passing ANOTHER questionable law?, Charter buys TWC

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Download the Uber app and use the promo code 3LI7Z to save $20 off your first ride. New users only. Satan has some insight on the Osama material that was declassified, Jay Leno dissing Letterman, his plans for California this summer, and Chris Christie

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Download the Uber app and forget about driving to all your fun Memorial Day Weekend Festivities. Use the promo code 3LI7Z and get $20 off your 1st ride. New users only. Lil' Rush has some thoughts on Letterman finale and Michelle Obama's workout video, B and B discuss Letterman's farewell and Jay Leno's diss, Steph Curry's daughter sparks OUTRAGE. Follow us on twitter: @BradandBritt. Facebook:

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Tweaked Audio earbuds are the BOMB! Go to and enter the promo code BBShow to get 33 percent off your order with FREE shipping around the world. B and B discuss Leno's (apparent) diss of Letterman, some RARE Letterman radio clips from the early 70s, the danger of stepping out-of-line in business and in life, rules changes in the NFL, congress actually does something in a bipartisan fashion and then nearly breaks their arms congratulating themselves 

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Category:Politics -- posted at: 3:11pm EDT is NC's leader in pet nutrition and a supporter of the B and B podcast. Go to their website and enter the coupon code BB to get $10 off yr 1st order of $25 or more. Limit 1 per household. New customers only. FREE delivery in Triangle and Triad. B and B have a FURIOUS argument about the end of Letterman, Patriots owner says "no mas", the great shootout in Waco, water problems continue in Cali, Brad's list of fake products, cop gets fired for lying about losing his hat

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Category:Politics -- posted at: 2:42pm EDT is our studio sponsor. Hit their website and schedule your appointment today. Lil' Rush on Letterman and "gotcha" questions, remembering the great Danny Fontana, Boston fans are crazy as hell, Mad Men finale, teacher shows "50 Shades" to class, shootout in Waco

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Download the Uber app and use the promo code 3LI7Z to get $20 off your 1st ride. New users only. Beelzebub has had a busy week and he recaps some of the fun, including his hijinks with the New England Patriots. Follow us on twitter: @BradandBritt. Facebook:

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