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FRIDAYS WITH SATAN! The Dark Lord revels in a SPECTACULAR NFL season, sets the table for the Super Bowl, and explains his relationship with the City of Cleveland. Follow us on Twitter: @BradandBritt

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More evidence that PEOPLE ARE STUPID including White Castle in Vegas and the Anti Vaxx crowd, is Marshawn Lynch a dick, still fighting against gay marriage in NC. Follow us on Twitter: @BradandBritt

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LIL' RUSH suffers a loss then talks about Tiger Woods and Marshawn Lynch, who gets credit for low unemployment rates?, taxing 529 plans, NC wants to move to online driver's license renewal

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Dumbest/most predictable story of the past 24 hrs, drilling for oil off Carolina coast, liars in the news, The Cos has a new accuser, who is the biggest liar, Super Bowl plans

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Brad is trying to binge watch, spoiler alerts and the people they hurt, German men can pee standing up, Deflategate rocks!, Skymall story reporting pisses BK off, a surprise appearance from Sarah Palin

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FRIDAYS WITH SATAN! The Devil on Deflategate/Ballghazi and his GREATEST REGRET. Follow @BradandBritt on twitter. Hit the donate button at

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LIL' RUSH on Deflategate, B and B talk about their exit from Fox 46, Jeff Gordon announces he's retiring, more on Deflategate, Mike Huckabee is a tool

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Deflategate/Ballghazi, NC's new Senator Thom Tillis makes quite a splash on the ole teevee, LIL' RUSH on the SOTU and Obama's zinger, Fox News is getting sued, and DEATH BY BACON

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Sarah Palin chats about the "American Sniper" controversy, Mike Ditka wouldn't let his kid play football, MLK Day and the REAL legacy, fight over circumcision in FL, guy gets a ticket for DWE (Driving While Eating), airBnB and Uber have governing bodies freaking out. If you like what you hear, hit the donate button at

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LIL' RUSH on MLK Day and wealth redistribution, "American Sniper" makes people "pick a side", what statement are you making by buying tickets to see Bill Cosby?, The DAMN State of the Union, MLK's legacy, Obama's legacy

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