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A visit from our old friend DAN RATHER to talk about Brian Williams' lie, Congressman goes Downton Abbey with his office and raises some eyebrows, discussion of NC politics, punishments, LIL' RUSH on Brian Williams and more

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More on Senator Tillis and Doodygate, creating fake outrage, interfaith marriages, LIL' RUSH on David Axelrod's book, What do kids think about college?

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LIL' RUSH is very excited about his live show in Greensboro 4/9, LR also has thoughts on Fox's hit show EMPIRE, Rand Paul has a rough TV appearance, NC's senator Thom Tillis thinks restaurants should be able to opt out of making employees wash their hands

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Britt doesn't want to talk about the Super Bowl, special appearance from SATAN, special appearance from Ivan Cutler, Brad's Facebook fights, anti vaxxers, dumb anti Obamacare piece, Comcast really hates it's customers.

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FRIDAYS WITH SATAN! The Dark Lord revels in a SPECTACULAR NFL season, sets the table for the Super Bowl, and explains his relationship with the City of Cleveland. Follow us on Twitter: @BradandBritt

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More evidence that PEOPLE ARE STUPID including White Castle in Vegas and the Anti Vaxx crowd, is Marshawn Lynch a dick, still fighting against gay marriage in NC. Follow us on Twitter: @BradandBritt

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LIL' RUSH suffers a loss then talks about Tiger Woods and Marshawn Lynch, who gets credit for low unemployment rates?, taxing 529 plans, NC wants to move to online driver's license renewal

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Dumbest/most predictable story of the past 24 hrs, drilling for oil off Carolina coast, liars in the news, The Cos has a new accuser, who is the biggest liar, Super Bowl plans

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Brad is trying to binge watch, spoiler alerts and the people they hurt, German men can pee standing up, Deflategate rocks!, Skymall story reporting pisses BK off, a surprise appearance from Sarah Palin

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FRIDAYS WITH SATAN! The Devil on Deflategate/Ballghazi and his GREATEST REGRET. Follow @BradandBritt on twitter. Hit the donate button at

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