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LIL' RUSH on Rand Paul's announcement and Michael Sam losing his gay card, suicides in the news, Florida entertains us AGAIN, water shortage in California is some serious shit. Click on our Amazon link at and shop for stuff. It supports the podcast and doesn't change the price of what you're buying

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LR loves him some Indiana and scolds Mickey D's for serving breakfast all day, Rolling Stones refuse to take a stand and #BoycottIndiana, Bieber Roast rocks, thoughts on the German aviation disaster of last week. Follow us on twitter: @BradandBritt Facebook:

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LIL' RUSH LIVE! Coming 04/09/15 to the Community Theatre of Greensboro. Buy tickets NOW at LR has some thoughts on the "liberal" Final Four and the new Indiana law, if Duke and Kentucky win Saturday WE ALL LOSE, Who are you and what have you done with Pat McCrory?

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LIL' RUSH LIVE! Coming to downtown Greensboro 4/9/15 at 7:00 pm. Get tickets now at On today's podcast, FRIDAYS WITH SATAN! Beelzebub has many things to say about Ted Cruz's run for the White House and a woman in TX who tried to burn down a yoga studio. Follow us on twitter: @BradandBritt. Facebook:

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LIL' RUSH LIVE! Coming to the stage in downtown Greensboro 04/09/15 at 7 pm. Tickets on sale NOW at Today's podcast features Brian Clarey of Triad City Beat and focuses on a lot of local Greensboro issues. These issues have also become statewide news and some of the things happening in Greensboro are happening around the country as well. Follow us on twitter: @BradandBritt. Facebook:

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LIL' RUSH LIVE! Coming to the stage at Community Theatre of Greensboro on April 9th at 7:00 pm. Buy tickets now at Lil' Rush sets you straight on Ted Cruz and other things, B and B enjoy Ted Cruz's Obamacare signup, Britt is benefitting from the "terrible scourge" of Obamacare, Britt thinks ppl are tired of being collateral damage in the GOP war on Obama, Brad has his manhood challenged by a dumbass. Follow us on twitter: @BradandBritt and on facebook:

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LIL' RUSH LIVE! invades Downtown Greensboro 04/09/15 at 7:00 pm. Get your tickets now at On today's podcast, our friend Bernie Goldberg points out that Fox News was wrong, but he's nine months late, Ted Cruz changed on 9/11, Ted Cruz does a duet with John Lennon, second chances, more on the timeouts during NCAA tournament games

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LIL' RUSH LIVE! Coming to the Community Theatre of Greensboro on 04/09/15 at 7 pm. Get tickets now at On today's podcast, LR is fired up about Ted Cruz for President and he loves NC State, John Oliver raises some good points about the NCAA and March Madness, if Syracuse got THAT then Carolina is going to get KILLED, more stoppages make NCAA tournament terrible, NC doesn't want to protect lottery winners' identities 

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LIL' RUSH LIVE! Coming to Downtown Greensboro 04/09/15. Get tix now at the link at On today's podcast it's FRIDAYS WITH SATAN. Mr. D talks March Madness and Justin Bieber

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LIL' RUSH LIVE! Coming to Downtown Greensboro 04/09/15. Get tickets now at Greg Hardy signs with the Cowboys, Brad still hates the Starbucks Race Together initiative, Ben and Jerry's ice cream meets Tesla, which Republicans will run for POTUS, Netanyahu backs down on his opposition to the "2 state solution"

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