Brad and Britt Cast wishes the Tarheels good luck in the Final Four™. Lil' Rush makes excuses for Trump's dreadful abortion comments then B and B update the HB2 story in North Carolina: Why it's much worse than you

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Category:Politics -- posted at: 3:44pm EDT says good luck to the North Carolina Tarheels in the Final Four. Lil' Rush defends Trump's campaign manager (again!) and apologizes for all his "spawns", B and B examine the latest defense of Governor McCrory over the absolutely indefensible. 

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Category:Politics -- posted at: 3:42pm EDT salutes the North Carolina Tarheels for making it to the Final Four. On today's podcast, Lil' Rush has some things to say about the arrest of Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, B and B discuss some Trump stuff then get to the latest on NC's pro discrimination law.

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Category:Politics -- posted at: 3:14pm EDT congratulates the North Carolina Tarheels for making it to the Final Four™. B and B discuss "Batman v Superman" and then move on to the happenings in North Carolina, particularly a pro LGBT discrimination law that has made NC a laughingstock, nationally.

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Category:Politics -- posted at: 3:41pm EDT is your spot for shopping AND supporting Brad and Britt. Lil' Rush is upset that Obama is dancing the Tango in Argentina, B and B discuss a new law in NC that allows discrimination against LGBT persons.

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Category:Politics -- posted at: 2:53pm EDT says GO HEELS! Lil' Rush breaks down Trump's veiled attack on Cruz's wife and "President Kenesaw Mountain Obama", B and B break down Nixon's "War on Drugs" and Sarah Palin's latest career plans, NC tries to make sure people can discriminate against LGBT citizens.

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Lyft is the rideshare service that's going wherever YOU'RE going. Download the free app now and use the promo code URAWINNER to get a FREE $50 credit right now. B and B dig into the worst songs of all-time, woman in NC opposes Obamacare until her dying breath.

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Category:Politics -- posted at: 3:27pm EDT salutes the Tarheels for making it to the Sweet 16. Lil' Rush loves Beyonce's cousin, but hates the "pussification" of America. Brad listens to The Donald's speech and then explains the absolute vapidness of it. B and B discuss the Adam LaRoche/White Sox story.

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FRIDAYS WITH SATAN: Mr. D exacts revenge on Jared from Subway™ and, boy, does he have big plans for Cuba!

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Lyft™ is the rideshare service that gets you where you need to go safely and affordably Download the Lyft™ app and use the promo code URAWINNER to get a FREE $50 credit. Lil' Rush on Merrick Garland and Trump talking to himself, B and B talk about hoverboards and the latest Trump news.

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